What if Netflix was a military contractor?

What if mercenaries had to deal with all of the systems that gig workers are required to comply with?

How does detection of patterns (and randomness) impact military planning as machine learning and compute starts to become commodified?

Should you keep a d20…

What is core work that should be incentivized for product operations?

In this article I make the case that “glue” work is exactly that.

However, it is not doing what product people consider a waste of their time.

Do you feel like the number of processes you need to adhere to slow things down? Are there too many meetings you need to attend to get any work done?

An often forgotten part of product operations is about destroying processes and meetings that don’t make sense anymore.

Let me tell you how in my latest post with the Product-Led Alliance on “Product ops is creative destruction!

A Way Forward with Communal Computing

How do you design devices for the home that don’t have major issues with identity, privacy, security, experience, and ownership? In this final installment of the communal computing series O’Reilly Media we give you do’s and don’ts.

Before we dive in, if you are interested in this please vote for…

Chris Butler

Chaotic good product manager, Head of Product Operations @ Cognizant

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