Communal computing, part 2

Communal Computing’s Many Problems

Microscopio de tres cuerpos (source: Biblioteca General Antonio Machado)
  • Identity — do we know all of the people who are using the device?
  • Privacy — are we exposing (or hiding) the right content for all of the people with access? What about children?
  • Security — are we allowing all of the people using the device to do or see what they should and are we protecting the content from people that shouldn’t? What about biometrics?
  • Experience — what is the contextually appropriate display or next action?
  • Ownership — who owns all of the data and services attached to the device that multiple people are using?

Recap of all articles

  1. Communal Computing — How do we build devices that are shared by default?
  2. Communal Computing’s Many Problems — Where user-centric computing goes wrong
  3. A Way Forward with Communal Computing — Do’s and Don’ts when Designing for the Community



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