Pattern Detected!

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What if Netflix was a military contractor?

What if mercenaries had to deal with all of the systems that gig workers are required to comply with?

How does detection of patterns (and randomness) impact military planning as machine learning and compute starts to become commodified?

Should you keep a d20 on you at all times to aid in randomization of my movements?

I recently published a short sci-fi story (with an article talking through the concepts) with the Army Mad Scientist blog that touch on these questions:

The accompanying article dives into what it means for militaries that will have their tactics and strategies analyzed by increasingly sophisticated machine learning systems for predicting behavior.

It is a continuation of a talk I did around using randomness to remove bias:

And a previous article touching on randomness as a way to ideate with crazy eights:

How do you incorporate randomness in your day-to-day?




Chaotic good product manager, Head of Product Operations @ Cognizant

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Chris Butler

Chris Butler

Chaotic good product manager, Head of Product Operations @ Cognizant

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