Teach your team by making learning look more like working

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Do you struggle to help your product team (and product managers) continuously learn?

Providing spaces (lots of them) to get feedback is key to transferring the experience and tacit knowledge.

In my latest article on Product-Led Alliance’s blog I talk about making learning more like work:

In the world of product management, we don’t focus on learning or feedback as much as we should. The most effective way for product people to learn is on the job and from others that do the job. The product operations team has a key role in shepherding those learning opportunities.

Also, I’ll be talking about this at Agile Alliance 2021 on July 21st at 10:20 AM PT in the session “Escaping calendar gridlock: how do great product teams learn together, from each other?

Hope to see you there!



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Chris Butler

Chaotic good product manager, Lead PM @ Google Core Machine Learning