The Product Mentor: Adversarial product management

Updated talk at Product School can be found here:

First talk about Adversarial Product Management as part of The Product Mentor:

To make something great it needs to be forged through adversarial means. During this talk, you will understand what adversarial models are for yourself, your teams, and your products. We will touch on the various places that adversarial models are used in today’s world and how adversarial models (with compassion) creates great products.


About Chris Butler

I help teams understand the real business problems they should solve with AI-centered solutions. The teams we work with are generally asked to “do something interesting” with the data they have. We help them avoid local maxima through happenstance correlations and focus on solving huge business problems. My background includes over 18 years of product and business development experience at companies like Microsoft, KAYAK, and Waze. At Philosophie, I have created techniques like Empathy Mapping for the Machine and Confusion Mapping to create cross-team alignment while building AI products. If you want to learn more or get in touch via email, LinkedIn, or visit

Chaotic good product manager

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